Waiting for Sarah Silverman

I’ve never live-tweeted before and I’ve been searching for something live-tweet worthy for my first experience. So, when my friend invited me to see Sarah Silverman at the Rex (a hipster bar in Toronto), I thought THIS IS PERFECT! I will live tweet the s**t out of this Sarah Silverman show!

Well, actually, first, I asked about the cost of admission, and my friend called the Rex, and when he finally got some guy on the horn, the guy told him that it’s first come, first-served on the night of the show. The guy didn’t know exactly how much tickets were,  but he guesstimated between $20 – $30. His advice was to arrive three hours early to avoid waiting in a long line-up because the Rex doesn’t hold shows like this very often. “It sounds very odd,” my friend admitted by email. “But it’s a jazz bar so I guess that’s about right.”

So my husband and I got there three hours early on the night of the show, and held a seat for our friend who was delayed at work. We were beyond excited about seeing Sarah Silverman in such an intimate venue. We sat near the stage but not too close because that’s always dangerous when you’re dealing with comedians unless you enjoy that type of attention which we personally do not.

A pretty good jazz band was playing and we ate dinner, and ordered pint after pint of Tankhouse from the bearded waiter, as we waited for the Rex to get packed.

Around this time, I tweeted my first and only tweet.

I should back up a bit and say that we noticed, on the way in, that the sign outside said “NYC’s Sarah Silverman Quartet” and not “NYC’s Sarah Silverman performing comedy.” However, we did some Googling and found a video of Sarah Silverman singing in a jazz quartet.  I guess this is kind of like how the actor Russell Crowe is also in a rock band, said my husband.

Well, not exactly.

The Rex never did get packed, and, eventually, I grew suspicious enough to ask the staffer wandering around collecting donations for the  show when Sarah Silverman was actually going to take the stage.  He said something like: “WAIT, YOU DON’T THINK IT’S SARAH SILVERMAN THE COMEDIAN THAT’S GOING TO BE HERE DO YOU????”

When Sarah Silverman finally took the stage, she was a woman in her third trimester earnestly belting out covers of sappy love songs. She was the antithesis of the edgy comedian we had just spent three hours waiting for.

Yes, we had a good laugh.

Yes, in retrospect, Sarah Silverman performing at the Rex was too good to be true.

And yes, now I need to find something else to live tweet.


Beware of Hootsuite

Tonight, I tried out the social media management tool, Hootsuite. I registered, handed over my various social media passwords, and, presto, I could suddenly see ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES coming at me at the same time on the same screen. Personally, I find my Twitter feed alone completely overwhelming and this new, much worse experience made me silently scream MAKE IT STOP. MAKE IT STOP. Unless you’re running a business and need to monitor/create reports about all this crap for some reason, OR  you’re just a social media-crazed individual, I recommend staying away from it. Don’t be fooled by the cute owl.

We cannot go backwards, unfortunately

Even though I spend my workdays researching online and I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter, I avoid (fear) technology more than I want to admit. To be honest, the only computer program I really know is Word; I’ve never even used an app; and I still refer to my television remote as a “converter.” I know I’ve got to do something about this situation soon, before I wind up like my late-sixties father who thinks the majority of his computer problems stem from not having enough paper in his printer. So, I enrolled in a class at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies called “Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media.” The class sounds perfect because it combines some of the stuff that makes me feel irritated, frightened and sleepy (trying anything new on a computer) with stuff I’m actually interested in (writing and communicating). And so, over the next two months, I plan to document my progress on this blog. Perhaps a few kindred spirits (fellow Luddites) will find me here and accompany me on my journey to learning a few of the things I should already know.